Educational Options

Educational Options

Autism Scholarship


       Ohio offers many alternatives for the delivery of education to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.  To learn more about these options, go to the School Choice Ohio website,  Available options include:


Public Schools

       All students are guaranteed a free and appropriate public eduation in the least restrictive environment.  There are may be many options within your district of residence.


Private Schools


Homeschooling -- This includes education through an online charter school.


Scholarship Programs

       The Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program provides funds to be used toward private or public school tuition in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) information page can be found by clicking HERE.

       The Autism Scholarship Program provides up to $27,000 for education by approved Autism Scholarship Providers to students aged 3 to 21 with a valid Individualized Education Plan through their district of residence.  For information about application deadlines and eligibility, go to the Ohio Department of Education website's information page on the Autism Scholarship Program. 

       The Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program provides educational funding to students with disabilities aged 3 to 21 at participating schools or private service providers.  Funding amounts vary according to diagnosis.  Information is available from the Ohio Department of Education HERE.

       Other options include the EdChoice program and expansion.  Access information the ODE website by clicking HERE.


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