Our Mission, Vision, and Values in Action

Autism Society of Ohio is actively working to create a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need when needed. Advocacy and public policy are integral to helping our community live their best lives. Our efforts are aimed at promoting:

• DIGNITY – where the value and self-determination of every individual are protected;

• EQUITY – to ensure that all with Autism achieve the highest possible quality of life;

• INCLUSION – where every person is integrated into society without barriers or exceptions;

• DIVERSITY – where everyone is respected for their unique and individual differences;

• INTEGRITY – ensures we conduct ourselves with honor, truth, and respect in our thoughts, words, and actions.

ASO works at the local, state, and federal levels to understand the issues, increase Autism awareness, influence policy, and mobilize advocacy efforts in Ohio.


For information about current national initiatives, please go to


ASO actively participated in establishing the Autism Scholarship program, the Communication Disability database, and adding those with disabilities to the Silver Alert system.

The Autism Society of Ohio (ASO) advocates to improve Ohio’s disability system for a better quality of life for individuals with Autism and their families.  ASO is a coalition of the Ohio affiliates of the Autism Society of America and includes the Autism Societies of Central Ohio, Greater Akron, Greater Cleveland, Dayton, Mahoning Valley, and Northwest Ohio. Together, we cover 100% of the state and thousands of individuals and families living with Autism and other developmental disabilities in our communities.


Starting June 20th ~ Please call or email your state legislator and members of the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee (JMOC)!

1. Send this Message to JMOC
Let Members know that children with Autism are losing important Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) treatment because of gaps in Ohio’s Medicaid system that need to be fixed! Ask members to please hold a hearing to address these barriers families and providers are enduring. You can email the attached fact sheet and letter to Sen. Romanchuk, Chair –

2. Send this Message to your State Legislator
Applied Behavioral Analysis is an important treatment for children with Autism, but due to Ohio’s patchwork system, children who have Medicaid are losing ABA. Please support changes to the Ohio Medicaid system that remove barriers to ABA, helping children with Autism with educational and behavioral treatments that improve their long-term quality of life. 


Step 1: Find your nine-digit zip code for your home, clinic, and work HERE.

Step 2: Find Your Legislator. Enter your nine-digit zip code in the two spots for zip codes (first 5, then the extra 4 digits) at the Ohio House and Senator Lookup Page. You do not need a street address. This is where you find the legislator’s name and district number.

Step 3: Email Address to the Legislator. Follow these email formats. Medicaid & Autism: Request hearing in JMOC (Medicaid Oversight)

House of Representative emails are (## = House district number)
Senate emails start with the legislator’s last name, such as

Contact Information for Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee

Sen. Romanchuk, Chair

Rep. Holmes, Vice-Chair

Sen. Huffman

Rep. Liston, Ranking Member

Sen. Ingram

Rep. Gross

Sen. Reynolds

Rep. Lipps

Sen. Smith

Rep. Thomas



ASO’s 2024 work includes the following:


Support for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy: Letter to Ohio’s legislative Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee calling for a hearing to address a crisis in children’s ability to access ABA therapy due to unaddressed gaps in Ohio’s Medicaid system. FACT SHEET

Support for Lauren’s Law: Letter to State Legislators supporting the use of cameras for safety and a new waiver for families to provide services; also makes recommendations for improving the overall system for Home and Community Based Services.

Support for Mandatory Law Enforcement Training: Letter to Governor DeWine and state legislators after 19-year-old with Autism died in police custody due to negative response to misunderstood behaviors.

Support for Creating State-Wide Special Needs Database: House Bill 321 would establish a statewide 911 special needs database, to improve safety outcomes. ASO sent a letter of support.


OPRA letter to Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities: Requests the Department to establish a stakeholder group to collaboratively review and enhance the Quality Assurance Rule or add a date certain in rule by when such a group shall be established.

ASO is currently monitoring the following:

SB 176 – This bill is seeking to amend the Ohio Revised Code to allow the continuation of child support past the age of 18 for individuals with disabilities

HB 427 – This bill seeks to phase out subminimum wage for disabled working individuals.

SB 213 – This bill seeks to establish supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship.

Letter to Governor re: mandatory education for law enforcement

Your voice is important​

If you want to express your opinion about any legislative issue, let your voice be heard! 

Want to stay involved, get connected, or volunteer for ASO’s advocacy efforts?

Let us match you with your perfect level of involvement – from receiving updates to speaking out or serving on our Advocacy committee.  We are sure to find a way to get you plugged in!